Hang In There

Hang in there. Do you often think of the circumstances that perplex you allowing those thoughts to consume you? Or are you someone with the wisdom to look back and see things you would do different if you could. Do you then find yourself looking forward at the endless possibilities God has set before you? Many look back at the past by turning toward it only to never turn back around and look ahead. Keep looking back in the mirror while you move forward and don’t allow the past to rob you of the future blessings that are waiting on you to come by and pick them up.
In the words of a country preacher “hang in there like a hair in a biscuit” (Dean Haun).
Disgusting thought i know but it will stay in your mind when times get tough.
Thanks be to God for hope


He Has Risen

Resurrection of Christ

Easter has become a celebration of many things. Some celebrate the birth of spring. Others believe we are paying homage to the fertility “gods”. Many are simply glad to get a little time off work and eat chocolate or little tasty sugar chickens. Sadly a growing number of people have no idea what Easter is really all about.

Jesus Christ who was born of a virgin lived without sin (the only person to do this) and is the son of God. He was crucified on a cross. On one hand He was killed for His claims to the Kingdom of Heaven. On the other hand He was killed because He took on the sins of His people. His people are those who trust in His redemptive work accomplished on the cross and that which followed. You see man thought killing Jesus was to stop a blasphemer, but the truth is He was born to die. Man really couldn’t stop the murder of Christ if he wanted to. Jesus died as the only righteous one in the place of sinners. He paid the penalty for sin. He accepted the wrath of a Holy God. God’s wrath is poured out on sin and Christ took that sin (mine and others) on himself on Calvary’s Hill hanging on the cross. What happened next is the miracle we celebrate during the Easter season.

Jesus Christ gave up the ghost (died). He was taken down from the cross and laid in a borrowed tomb (grave). A great stone was rolled in front of the entry way of the tomb. At the end of three days and nights some of His followers came to anoint His body, but…. His body was not there. Angels asked the ones who were present “why seek ye the living among the dead?” Jesus was alive! Yes, He was raised from the dead! This man had given up the ghost and now had taken His life back up. He has power not only over life but also over death. He is Lord!

Easter is a celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

The Greatest Man, overlooked by many

Using Matthew 9

Who do you look up to? Most people have someone in their life to look up to for inspiration, guidance and help in the time of need. With that said history reveals some great people in the eyes of man through human perception. No matter who you look up to history will have recorded some unfavorable things in their life. At mans best he still does not measure up to the greatest man to walk this earth!

A look into history will reveal a man who no other can match. Others may have more money, some will have more fame, but still they cannot compare to this man. Bigger houses have certainly been had by others, for this man owned no house. Popularity among the highly esteemed is a goal and comfort for some; however our subject today was despised and rejected by the elite. He still is unmatched by any other.

Who is this man who was despised, rejected, poor and murdered? Who is the one with all the suffering and yet He is unmatched? It is the Lord Jesus Christ! He is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords and God incarnate. No other can match Him in any way.

Though He had no place to lay His head He owns all of Heaven. He was despised and rejected by the elite, but He is accepted by The Father in Heaven and will be worshipped throughout eternity. He suffered at the hand of man, but He brings comfort to the burdened and heavy laden. He is the all time, undisputed Lord. As a man He was likely slim in build and He was not great to look at. In the end all the world will feel the weight of His judgment and His people will admire His beauty and splendor for all eternity. Again, He is the Lord Jesus Christ!