Discipleship is a Necessity

Necessity? Yes, discipleship is a must for true believers. I heard a great Bible teacher give this definition of discipleship; wanting to know God as He is. That is a profound statement. Many people have preconcieved ideas of who God is and what He cares about. The one place we can go to find out who God is and what He cares about is His own word in which He reveals Himself to us. The Holy Bible tells us everything God wants to tell us about Himself. A true believer is one who wants to know the God he/she is surrendered to. If God is my dearest Father I want to know what that means. The more I learn about my dearest Father the more I want to resemble Him. Only in His kingdom will I see Him in all His splendor, but while I wait I will practice the disciplines in scripture and become the disciple He can use. Is discipleship a necessity for you?


Christian Liberty, What is it?

Liberty! Today many suggest Christian Liberty is social, political, economical and self promoting liberty. That is not what Jesus Christ taught about liberty. Jesus said the believer would be free.  Jesus also taught us to be a slave. The Apostle’s taught about a Christian freedom pushing the believer into slavery. The slavery I speak of today is that of being slaves to righteousness. What is Christian Liberty? Salvation! Salvation from sin, the law and superstition is the basic definition of Christian Liberty.

When a person is a regenerate believer they are set free from unrighteousness. It is not always fully recognized by the regenerate believer upon regeneration, but it is still a blessing from God imparted to the regenerate believer. Due to this new freedom we are inclined to a different lifestyle than before. The Holy Spirit working in us effectually calls us to righteousness. This is again not because we are good people. It is only by the grace of God.

To preach Christian Freedom as a means of living our own desires, doing what is contrary to the word of God and promoting our self above all other is a heresy. Jesus Christ never, “never”, taught His disciples to be first, go for your dreams or you should have all the world has to offer. That is not popular, but it is the truth. This is not my words. Jesus Himself said in the kingdom the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Too many people in the church today are falling into the trap the devil has set. He wants us to remain slaves to self and sin rather than slaves to Christ and His righteousness.

Statements of Faith, How Important are They?

In scripture we are commanded to share the gospel of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19 & Acts 1:8). 1 Peter 3:15 tells us to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us. In Acts Chapter 7 Stephen begins to give a sermon in which he tells word for word the the truth’s from the word of God. In our current age we need to be careful and discerning when yoking together with a body of “believers” (2 Corinthians 6:14). How can we be certain we are with a body who believes, preaches and witnesses the gospel in it’s truth without error?

Statements of faith help to establish the basic belief system of a church and are beneficial when new people come to join a church. If a statement of faith is known the new comer can know if he/she agrees with the basic doctrinal teachings of the church. Can you imagine how much conflict we might avert if people decided they disagree with us before they are yoked together with us.

It is obvious to me statements of faith are important in church life today. With the changing tides of modern Churches it is necessary for us to know what we believe, know why we believe it and be able to share it with confidence. A doctrinal statement or statement of faith is not a replacement of scripture it is simply a summary of scriptural truth’s that we are called to adhere to if we are to be a part of a local assembly. Outdated to some maybe but not to Christ who said, “if you love me keep my commandments”.

The Real Jesus Christ

John 1:1-5 & 14

I ask you today; “Do you know Jesus Christ”? The question reads simple, but it is actually complex. The complexity comes when you consider the depth of your own answer. Many people will answer in different ways. Some say yes. Some say no. Some say yes, and continue to live toward eternal destruction. The next question I ask is all but the same. Do you know the “Real” Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ is God! In our society it is difficult to think of ourselves as servants. If we believe in the real Jesus Christ we will be just that, servants. The current culture of our nation demands to be accepted as we are without judgement. Many of those who demand to be accepted without change are those who claim to know and love Christ on the grounds of HIs acceptance. The Simple Truth is this; these folks do not know the real Jesus Christ in any form.

The real Jesus does come to us where we are. When He finds us He changes our heart, soul, mind and everything about us. When we are born again we are new creatures. The real Jesus, though He is a perfect gentlemen, challenges all who He calls!

He Challenges What we do.

  • Jesus said if we love Him we will keep His commandments. (John 14:15)

He Challenges Why we do what we do

  • Jesus came to do the will of the Father. If we do anything for anyone other than the Father we do it for the wrong reasons.

He Challenges our Worship

  • When Jesus met with the woman at the well He challenged her to answer what she was doing with the man she lived with. He also challenged her worship. (John ch. 4)

Our worship will answer all the above. How, who and why we worship will explain our position in Christ. Do we know the real Jesus Christ or do we only have a fantasy of a Jesus who has no commands, no Deity and no authority. We must understand when we know the Real Christ we only know Him as He is presented in scripture. Not as we dream in our own human mind. If the real Jesus has introduced Himself to you and called you to salvation know this:

Many preach Jesus desires Lordship over our lives. If we Know the Real Jesus Christ He does more than desire Lordship over our lives. He assumes Lordship over us. He takes it.

If He, the Real Christ, has called you and assumed Lordship over you you can answer with a joyful yes to the question; “do you know the Real Christ”? If you have been living in a fantasy with no real transformation ask the question; “do I know the Real Jesus Christ”?