Discipleship is a Necessity

Necessity? Yes, discipleship is a must for true believers. I heard a great Bible teacher give this definition of discipleship; wanting to know God as He is. That is a profound statement. Many people have preconcieved ideas of who God is and what He cares about. The one place we can go to find out who God is and what He cares about is His own word in which He reveals Himself to us. The Holy Bible tells us everything God wants to tell us about Himself. A true believer is one who wants to know the God he/she is surrendered to. If God is my dearest Father I want to know what that means. The more I learn about my dearest Father the more I want to resemble Him. Only in His kingdom will I see Him in all His splendor, but while I wait I will practice the disciplines in scripture and become the disciple He can use. Is discipleship a necessity for you?


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