Christian Liberty, What is it?

Liberty! Today many suggest Christian Liberty is social, political, economical and self promoting liberty. That is not what Jesus Christ taught about liberty. Jesus said the believer would be free.  Jesus also taught us to be a slave. The Apostle’s taught about a Christian freedom pushing the believer into slavery. The slavery I speak of today is that of being slaves to righteousness. What is Christian Liberty? Salvation! Salvation from sin, the law and superstition is the basic definition of Christian Liberty.

When a person is a regenerate believer they are set free from unrighteousness. It is not always fully recognized by the regenerate believer upon regeneration, but it is still a blessing from God imparted to the regenerate believer. Due to this new freedom we are inclined to a different lifestyle than before. The Holy Spirit working in us effectually calls us to righteousness. This is again not because we are good people. It is only by the grace of God.

To preach Christian Freedom as a means of living our own desires, doing what is contrary to the word of God and promoting our self above all other is a heresy. Jesus Christ never, “never”, taught His disciples to be first, go for your dreams or you should have all the world has to offer. That is not popular, but it is the truth. This is not my words. Jesus Himself said in the kingdom the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Too many people in the church today are falling into the trap the devil has set. He wants us to remain slaves to self and sin rather than slaves to Christ and His righteousness.


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