Marriage Can Not be Redefined

People are fighting for the right to marry as same sex couples. The very idea of marriage is a Jewish and Christian union!

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh (Genesis 2:24, Holy Bible) (

The people fighting for the right to marry as same sex couples are asking for something that originates from a God they choose not to follow. They are asking to be recognized in a union that is ordained and created by God for Gods purposes. Just asking to be recognized as married is a slap in the face to those who view marriage for what it really is; A holy union between one man and one woman. Each are created with distinctly different vessels which function for the same purpose. That purpose is to glorify God. Anything outside the created order will never be recognized by the originator of marriage as anything but sin. An adulterer cannot ask for his mistress to be given marriage benefits. Nor should he be able to. If we could have benefits from our employers given to anyone we desire think of all the woman and children who will be left with nothing. Opening this door for homosexuals will open the door for all other sexual sin performers. Let me close by saying we all have come short of Gods glory, but doing this willfully, openly and knowingly is simply blasphemous toward the one who created the union man hopes to redefine.


6 Responses

  1. A question: does the government have ANY say in the sacrament of marriage? Isn’t ANY governmental ruling just a secular ruling with no bearing on actual sanctified marriages?

    Why do any of us care what a secular agency says is OK or not, unless it forbid us from practicing our faith? Should we even care if we are insulted by it? Doesn’t our reward lay in Heaven and not on Earth?

  2. Ever hear of separation between church and state? This is scary stuff; your actually arguing for a Christian theocracy where people have to live by your standards. I know you think you speak for God, but just consider how arrogant it is to say to another human being (who deserves your respect), no, you can’t marry the one you love.

    Trying to set up a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage is nothing less than an attempt to establish a Christian Taliban. Think about it.

  3. Before I respond let me say I respect the opinion of all who visit this site, and I thank you for engaging the discussion with your honesty. With that said my opinion is just as strong as yours and let me try to explain my position.
    To many people forget the basis of all our laws. Again I state marriage itself is a religious institution. Mostly people ask a minister to perform marriage ceremonies. Only in recent generations has this changed. To ask a minister of the gospel to perform a marriage ceremony between same sex couples would be to ask him to go against what His moral compass teaches, that is if He believes the Bible to be the final authority and I do. Now we look at the civil magistrate. Ammendment 1 of the US Constitution states;
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
    In my opinion the govenment official is operating in a manner which dismisses the ammendment. The idea of legalizing marriage between same sex couples creates the potential civil disagreements when a couple demands marriage rights from an employer who is a Christian. Now should the employer be free to practice His/Her religion? Should the Christian be overuled by the government? Someone is going to have to answer this question in the future. From recent history I am all but sure the government will overlook the right of the Christian. Furthermore the government will likely penalize said Christian for operating in the full light of ammendment 1 to the Constitution of the United States of America.
    We all have the right to love who we do. It is important for our posterity to look to our founders and their direction when making decisions that will effect generations forever.

  4. We must also not forget Christians are not wrong for voicing their desires in the legislative process. With a majority of non believers in office wouldn’t it be conceivable that Christians will completely lose their voice? All people fight for the right to protest, be heard and lobby. Only one group is always pushed back in the guise of political correctness. Maybe because it is the only one with a supernatural working that convicts the hearts of those practicing immorality. I pray that voice is always heard in the halls of legislation and the hearts of man (men and women).

  5. No, Brett, Christians are very much not wrong for voicing their opinions. Since I’m Pagan it may shock you, but I’ll gladly shed my blood to ensure that you always have the right to voice your opinion and be at least listened to. 😉

    I’ve said ti before but I’ll say it again – the government can decide who grant certain legal rights and responsibilities to – but they can’t really have any say in the sacrament of marriage.

    As for any so-called Christian businessman who has a problem with granting spousal rights to a gay couple, I would respond with render unto Caesar what is Caesars. I would also suggest to them that Christian charity demands that they bear that price even though they despise the action.

    Neither Christians nor myself are forever bound to this Earth and its laws. We each will eventually answer to a final and higher judgment. I’m not entirely sure about the Christians, but I know my Gods require ME to live as they demand, which includes not allowing mortal distractions to consume me. I am NOT responsible for the souls of others and to act as if I am is hubris.

  6. I agree, we are not responsible for the souls of others. However we (as Christians) are vessels for Gods work, and therefore responsible to God in our efforts toward souls.
    As for the businessman offering marriage benefits to same sex couples out of Christian benevolance I must differ in opinion. The Christian should be willing to extend a benevolent hand to those in need. He should never compromise His Christian stance against sin. To offer the benefit as a marriage benefit agian is completely wrong. To go against truth in the guise of benevolance does not work. The scripture gives us proper chanels to do good works even to those who are “lost”. Going against the scriptures is never the proper chanel. Again I respect your opinion, and thank you for engaging the issue with honesty.

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