Statements of Faith, How Important are They?

In scripture we are commanded to share the gospel of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19 & Acts 1:8). 1 Peter 3:15 tells us to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us. In Acts Chapter 7 Stephen begins to give a sermon in which he tells word for word the the truth’s from the word of God. In our current age we need to be careful and discerning when yoking together with a body of “believers” (2 Corinthians 6:14). How can we be certain we are with a body who believes, preaches and witnesses the gospel in it’s truth without error?

Statements of faith help to establish the basic belief system of a church and are beneficial when new people come to join a church. If a statement of faith is known the new comer can know if he/she agrees with the basic doctrinal teachings of the church. Can you imagine how much conflict we might avert if people decided they disagree with us before they are yoked together with us.

It is obvious to me statements of faith are important in church life today. With the changing tides of modern Churches it is necessary for us to know what we believe, know why we believe it and be able to share it with confidence. A doctrinal statement or statement of faith is not a replacement of scripture it is simply a summary of scriptural truth’s that we are called to adhere to if we are to be a part of a local assembly. Outdated to some maybe but not to Christ who said, “if you love me keep my commandments”.


2 Responses

  1. Brett,

    I agree about statements of faith, however, over time I found that the ten point and one sentence for each point statement makes for a church that accepts anyone. The truth of that statement comes from my days at a C&MA church where we have a mixed bag of theology due to the easy acceptance of the statement. It was so bad that when I taught 1 John, by the time I got to verse 2:1, the pastor asked me if wouldn’t mind finding another church because what I was teaching was causing factions – and anyway the pastor did not agree with what I was teaching and asked another teacher if he thought I was correct and was told yes and so he was asked to leave as well.

    So I have moved off of the simple statements and would much prefer to see a church that says my statement of faith is – for example – The London Confession. I then know more fully what they will believe and what they will hold the line on. Or at least should. Now granted someone unfamiliar with a larger statement may have no idea what that means, but that would be one of the things that they should be oriented to as a specific training class prior to joining the local church.

    Best Regards from the night shift in Homer City,

  2. Derek,
    How good to hear from you. I like your thought on the larger staements with good explanation of belief. Going into a church knowing their theological stance helps prevent trouble in the future.
    I hope all is well in the night.

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