Confessions, are they imortant in church life?

I am asking a question today to provoke thought in the Christian community. Are confessions important in church life today? The confessions I speak of are the statements of faith. Examples would be Baptist Faith and Message, Shorter Catachism, Westminster Confession of Faith, the Articles of Religion (Methodist), Mennonite Confession of Faith and many more.

I of course have a strong opinion concerning statements of faith. Before I share my view with you I want to know what you think and why. This is not to provoke controversy, but to open communication concerning a part of church life which has been around for a long time.

Go ahead, let’s get started!


One Response

  1. Well you just have to go to my post in your next blog posting to see my thoughts – but yes – I do think they are “almost” essential for maintaining the purity of the church. Being away from home on night shift, I decided to only get a few hours of sleep and go to church in the morning. It was a confessional church and one that had “revised” it’s confession several times and watered it down to be more inclusive – if I may use that politically charged term. Although the service was “traditional”, there were many of the little nagging things that someone more conservative – like me – would continue looking for a church with a stronger stance and less compromise. But see, I knew going in that the church would be that way because of their confession. Now the church right next door is the same “brand” but is contemporary – I guess the idea was like peanut butter – smooth or with nuts.

    The a disadvantage of a confessional church is that people DO know what you stand for and may not attend because of that. Which may be good. Saves battles later.

    I will try and check back later – take care,

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