We Really Are! He Really Is!

2 Corinthians chapter 3

Ephesians chapter 2

Romans chapter 3

Today we have a number of preachers and doctrines floating around. Many want to tell us how good we are. According to many preachers we can be anything and do anything we desire as long as we believe we can. Important truths are left out of this kind of preaching. The Simple Truth is we can do nothing nor can we become something apart from God’s working.

We often make plans without considering who we really are. If we neglect this beginning the end will hold misery and disappointment for us. We are not capable of accomplishing any of our plans. You see we are a lot of things in God’s eyes. None of which prosperity preachers want to admit.

As part of the human race we are filthy. Isaiah 64 reminds us our righteousness is as filthy rags. We are also fit for punishment in God’s eyes because we have broken His laws. Romans 3 states this truth by saying all have sinned and come short of the glory of God and none of us are righteous. Not even one. The wage for our sin is death according to Romans 6.

We are not righteous and on our own we cannot obtain righteousness. In Ephesians 2 a wonderful three letter word breaks through our sin. But. But God. Those who are saved by God’s marvellous grace know God hath quickened us while we were dead in our trespasses and sins.

We really are;

  1. fallen = sinful
  2. fallible = capable of making mistakes, and often do so
  3. feeble = helpless
  4. futile = constantly changing

He really is!

  1. Faultless = sinless
  2. Flawless = Infallible. Never mistaken
  3. Foundational = the foundation of all things including salvation
  4. Faithful = Never leaves us. Forgives us when we repent. Promises are never broken.

You see we really are all of those bad things and Christ really is all of the good things. Until we understand the Simple Truth we are nothing outside of Christ we will never see who we Really are.


One Response

  1. Because we are and He is, we have been:

    Forgiven – of all sin (Col 2:13)
    Fashioned – in the image of Christ (Phil 3:21)
    Fixed – made to sit in Heavenly places (Eph 2:6)

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