Taste and See That the Lord is Good! Psalm 34:8

My grandmother passed away five years ago. I remember the sad task of cleaning out her home. After all the big pieces had been removed we focused on the last thing, the refrigerator. In the freezer were two pies. These were not just any kind of pie, these were chess pies. Grandmothers chess pie has always been my favorite pie. I ate on that pie slowly for a week. I remember the last bite well, because I knew it was the absolute last bite of Grandmother’s pie I would have the privilege to taste.

God has created us with the privilege to taste the things He has created (Genesis 1:29). Our taste buds help us in our worship toward a holy and righteous God (Psalm 34:8). When I taste things I enjoy I am overcome with a thankful heart. If I taste something bitter I am also reminded of the bitter cup our Lord drank on crucifixion day (Matthew 26:39 & Matthew 27:34). When I taste other things such as bread I am reminded of the promises God made and kept with His people in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament Israel held feasts to remember the things God had done (Leviticus 23:33-44).

God gives us an infinite supply of opportunities to taste and see that He is good. He is good in that He supplies us with sustaining provisions. God is good in that Christ tasted a bitter cup so those who trust in Him will not have to taste such bitterness. God also promises us an eternal supply of fruit in Heaven (Revelation 22:2).

Maybe the next time you partake of the Lord’s Supper you might consider the bitter drink and what it means to drink it. We should worship God when we taste the bitter drink knowing our Lord drank the bitter cup of God’s wrath, and He did so on our behalf. We can even worship God in our church fellowship. The next time you attend a church fellowship and taste the wonderful food remember the Lord Himself has created such good taste. In tasting anything let us do so and see that the Lord is good! Lastly let us not forget the promised fruit in Heaven. May we gather together beside the river and taste God’s goodness.


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