Sights for Worship. Proverbs 20:12

Proverbs 20:12 The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the LORD hath made even both of them.

God has created all of us with five senses. We are created with these senses for the purpose of worship and fellowship with God. I wonder if we consider the privilidge of seeing the beauty in worship? In an effort to explain how we can better enjoy the priviledge of sight and use it in our worship let me give you some testimony. In our church we have some things that are always in place. Often times we can walk into the House of the Lord and overlook the things that if we look at them in context we might enter into a heart of worship. I try to look at these things when I enter the church with expectations of being inspired and directed to worship and praise God.

Our church has a foyer area for information papers for ministries, tapes of sermons and gospel tracts. In this foyer area two wooden doors are pulled back. Wome people see two wooden doors. When I look at these doors I see the formal opening leading into the room where God’s people are going to worship the true and living God. When I look at these doors I see an opening leading to a place where a lost sinner can come and witness God’s people in worship. Inside the two doors waits a place God will speak to us through His word.

After walking into the sanctuary the first thing my eye is attracted to is the pulpit. For some the pulpit is a wooden book board that sits on the platform and nothing else. After realizing the proper perspective on the sights of worship I now see a sacred desk. On this sacred desk lies a copy of God’s holy, inspired, infallible and in inerrant word. This brings my heart into a state of worship. Looking at the copy of God’s word humbles me and makes me wait with real expectations knowing God will speak to the congregation in order to call sinners to repentance, saints to service and will make disciples of those who are comitted to the faith.

After ascending the pulpit I look out over the congregation and view the pews. For some these are merely seats for sitting. My eyes see the seats where God’s very own will be seated for worship. I also see fellowship of the saved. In these very pews God has convicted hearts, changed lives and taught disciples. Knowing this turns my heart toward God for worship. While on the platform my eye is captured by something else. It is the beautiful stained glass windows. The particular one I am drawn to has a picture of Jesus Christ. In the picture our Savior has outstrected open arms. As I gaze at this work of art I think of a Savior who says, “come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”, (Matthew 11:28).I also see a Savior saying to lost sinners, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” (Matthew 4:17).

Lastly I view the congregation while worship takes place. We know the church is a place for the saved to come and worship God The church is also a place for lost sinners to witness (see) the worship taking place. When this happens God works in the hearts of lost sinners. Many have come to know Christ as savior when the word was preached and Christians worshipped.

What do you see when you enter the House of the Lord? Maybe the next Lord’s Day you will ask God to use your sense of sight to help you better worship Him. after all He is worthy of our full attention. He is worthy of our worship. He is worthy of our praise. And may we not forget He is worthy of our repentance.


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