The Sound of Worship, Ezra chapter 3

We are commanded in scripture to worship God (1 Chronicles 16:29). When God’s people come together to worship there are some distinct sounds heard. Looking into the scriptures will give us a foundation for understanding how we use our sense of hearing in worship. To give you an example to introduce this topic I will share with you an unforgettable experience I had while on vacation a few years back.

My family decided to go to Savannah, Ga. to view the historic district and visit the beach on Tybee Island. We left on the weekend and that naturally meant we would be visiting a church. On Sunday morning my wife, daughter and I along with my parents walked into Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church. What my eyes beheld will be with me forever. What a beautiful santuary we saw. Along with the stunning sanctuary we were looking at a large pipe organ. This was new to me. As a Baptist pastor I am used to small electric organs and maybe a Baby Grand piano, but my eyes have never  witnessed such a magnificent musical instrament. Already in awe what happened next really sent my heart into a state of worship toward our mighty God. The musician began to play the pipe organ while the choir sang. It was on this day that I began to have a new respect for the sounds of worship.

Though I returned to our small town Baptist church to hear our small electric organ I listened with a fresh desire. I now desired to worship God with my sense of hearing. God gave specific musical duties to those priests He set aside to play. We can find these examples throughout scripture (Psalm 150, 1 Chronicles 6:31). Maybe this Lord’s Day we might all lesten to the music and song with a new desire to worship God with our sense of hearing.

We will look at other areas in which we worship God through our sense of hearing later.


2 Responses

  1. Brett,

    I did a church tour of Germany – all the reformed and key cities. We went into some and the organs were quite neat and impressive. One we went in was in the back at the Narthex up above the congregation. It was being played and was just great. We also went in a couple of other cathedrals when organs were being played and that was very impressive. In that atmosphere you start to understand Majesty.


  2. Hey Derek,
    Good to hear from you. While reading the June 2007 edition of Tabletalk magazine I was reminded of the wonderful privlege of hearing, and the importance of that sense in worship.

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