Adam, Where art thou?

Genesis chapter 3

(with special attention to vs.9)

Did God really want to know where Adam was when He asked, “Adam, where art thou?”, (Genesis 3:9)? The answer is no. God already knew where Adam was, (Genesis 3:8). In the vast universe and enormous earth God asked this question in the place where the one man and one woman were. God did however have an important truth within the question He asked, and he intended to show Adam and Eve the truth . When we examine the question with a desire to see the big picture which is painted against the backdrop of eternity we can then be humbled by Gods omnipresence, and mighty power.

God created Adam and Eve in the image of Himself. Man was created and given everything he needed, (Genesis 3:8). Man had only two tasks to accomplish, one  to reflect the ways of God, and two tend to the garden, (Genesis 2:17). Using the freedom God gave him man fell. Since then men and woman have been falling to the same sin. The sin I speak of is mans lack of faith in our Holy Creator. God gave Adam everything he needed to accomplish his duties, but Adam was not satisfied to trust in God’s provisions. Adam and Eve just had to eat of the fruit God distinctly said to not eat, (Genesis 3:3).

As human beings we are still falling to the same sin today that Adam and Eve were so easily drawn to. We often say we have faith, but our actions speak far louder than our words. Along with our sins comes some of the most miserable effects. We often consider the sin itself as being disobedient to our Heavenly Father, but I wonder if we consider the long term effects we will suffer because of such sin? When God told Adam and Eve if they ate of the tree of knowledge they would surely die, (Genesis 3:3), sin, death and pain passed on to all men. Thus the long term effects of sin. The same effects are still plauging man today and will until the new Heavens and new Earth are established and all the former things are passed away. Until then we as Christians must learn to live in the grace God has called us to.

What is it that causes us to sin? The better question here is, “who tempts us to sin?”.  We must never forget man and woman were not alone in the garden. The serpent was there also, (Genesis 3:1). Now we can begin to see just how the original fall took place and how it compares to us today. Before we go farther  it is important to note God gave man dominion over every beast of the field, fish of the sea and every thing that creeps upon the earth, (Genesis 1:26). Man allowed the serpent to tempt him and man fell. It was not God who tempted man, (James 1:13).

The original fall was a direct result of man’s lack of faith. That is the truth wrapped in the question god asked. He said “Adam, Where art thou”? God knew where Adam was. God was proving to Adam he could not hide from the omnipresent God. Before Adam desired to decide for himself what was good to do and not good to do he had no problem with nakedness. It was after Adam decided to show his indepence that he also realized he was naked. Then a domino effect happened. You see God already knew Adam was naked, because he created him that way without shame. When Adam rebelled he then became ashamed. After feeling shame he then lied. And so on and so on.

Adam started down a path that only Jesus Christ could change. Since the original sin man has been living in sin and shame. We think we are hiding from God,but he already knows where we are. he also knows what we are doing and who we are doing it with. Nothing is hidden from God. This is no way to live and God gives us a way of escape. The Way is the Truth and the Life, (John 14:6). God created Adam with dominion over the serpent, but God allowed the serpent to tempt and persuade him. Those who are saved by God’s amazing grace also have been given a power over sin. Often times we do not allow that power to work in our lives. Just as Adam did not utilize the gifts God gave him we sometimes do the same.

When we are tempted we are tempted by our adversary the devil, (2 Peter 2:8). God does give him permission to tempt us, but with our freedom we choose to follow. When you read Genesis chapter 3 again I hope you will consider your name in Adam’s place. Brett, where art thou. When I am in sin He knows where I am. When i am in prayer He knows where I am. When I am refusing to trust His provisions and relying on my own judgment and strength He knows where I am. he only asks the question to prove to us He is our omnipresent God. may we live every day knowing God is among us!


3 Responses

  1. Good analysis on dominion over the creation – animals – that included Satan on both accounts. Had they not sinned they would have kept their dominion over Satan.

    Also I have a question that I ask my 5th & 6th grade kids – how long were they in the garden before they sinned?

    It is great God knows where we are sometimes I have no idea!

  2. Hey Derek. Thanks for dropping a word. If you have time I would greatly appreciate your input on an older post, “Who is Right”. That is a piece on the Bible and the fact it is right.

  3. God bless you, and inspire you to do more than this….fasuchem.

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